Section of Vascular Neurosurgery

Chair of the Section is Peter Vajkoczy (Germany).

Members of the Section Board:

Alexandros Andreou (Greece) - UEMS Liaison
Andreas Gruber (Austria) - ESMINT Liaison
Mika Niemelä (Finland) - International Liaison (CNS / AANS) 
François Proust (France) - Education, Publication Activities
Andreas Raabe (Switzerland) - Trials
Luca Regli - Vice Chairman (Switzerland) - Education
Bart van der Zwan (Netherlands)  - Publication Activities




The Vascular Section organises an Annual Meeting, taking place in Nice, France on 8th September 2017. For more information please visit the meeting website



January 2017 – Update

Archive Vascular Section Reports (2011-2016)



Vascular Section Exchange Programmes

The Vascular Section has collaborated with its US counterparts in order to produce a list of US-European exchange programmes. Please click here to see which US centres are participating.