Joint Residency Advisory and Accreditation Committee (JRAAC)


Joint Residency Advisory and Accreditation Committee

The Joint Residency Advisory and Accreditation Committee (JRAAC) is a joint committee of the EANS and the UEMS, whose primary aim is to improve the quality of neurosurgical training programmes throughout Europe by acting as a pan-European accreditation and monitoring body.  

The work of JRAAC is based on the guidelines set out in the European Neurosurgical Training Charter.


European Accreditation of neurosurgical training programmes and units

Visiting and evaluating training institutions and the provision of constructive feedback offers an important opportunity to enhance training standards, and most of JRAAC’s activities therefore focus on these areas.

The accreditation procedure is based on the UEMS Training Charter in Neurosurgery, and those considering application should refer to this document in order better to understand the criteria against which their unit and training programme will be assessed.

If a training institution demonstrates that it complies with the standards for residency programmes in neurosurgery as set down in the UEMS Training Charter, it will receive JRAAC accreditation -certification by the UEMS and EANS as a Center of Excellence in Neurosurgical Training.

European Monitoring of neurosurgical training programmes and units

National professional bodies (responsible for the recognition of medical specialists in individual countries) can monitor and recognise neurosurgical training programmes using UEMS standards based on the Training Charter. In the interest of developing common standards, cooperation with JRAAC is recommended.

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The JRAAC Committee consists of 11 members: 5 from the UEMS and 5 from the EANS plus Past-Chairman of JRAAC.

The current Chairman of JRAAC is Eberhard Uhl.

EANS Representatives
Jannick Brennum, Denmark, JRAAC Past Chairman, EANS representative (2012-2021)
Andreas Demetriades, UK - Scotland, Individual Membership Committee Chair (2015-2018)
Torstein Meling, Norway, Training Committee Chair Elect (2015-2018)
Florian Ringel, Germany, Young Neurosurgeons Committee Chair (2016 – 2019)
Peter Whitfield, UK – England, European Board of Neurological Surgery  Chair (2015 – 2018)

UEMS Representatives
Johann van Loon, Belgium, UEMS SNS President (2012-)
Zeev Feldmann Israel  (2016-2019)
Wilco Peul, Netherlands (2016-2019)
Arimantas Tamasauskas, Lithuania (2016-2019)
Eberhard Uhl, Germany, JRAAC chairman (2016-2019) 

Past Chairman
Jannick Brennum


In order to learn more about the Committee’s responsibilities and its organizational structure please see the Terms of Working Practices.

Visitation and evaluation of European neurosurgical training programmes are performed by the members of the Committee as well as Site Visitors who kindly devote their time to this task.

Additional JRAAC Site Visitors
Kristina Cesarini
Zeev Feldman
E. Korfali
Hans Landolt
James Palmer
Wolf Steudel
Hans-Jacob Steiger
Roberto Delfini
Tomasz Trojanowski