Section of Functional Neurosurgery

Current chair of the Section is Damianos Sakas (Greece).

Members of the Section Board:

Francois Alesch (Austria)
Tipu Aziz (UK)
Antonio Goncalves Ferreira (Portugal)
Andrey Sitnikov (Russia)
Dirk Van Roost (Belgium)
Jan Vesper (Germany)


2017 Report for the EANS Section of Functional Neurosurgery



Report on the activities of the EANS Functional Neurosurgery Section, 2011 - 2015

Chairman: Massimo Scerrati

Section officially founded after the EANS Congress held in Rome in October 2011.

The main purpose was to create a link with the European Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (ESSFN) as to share programme and activity in this field. To reach this goal three of the Officers of ESSFN has been chosen as members of the Board of the Section, so as to ensure closer cooperation between the two institutions. To fulfil this goal the Chairman has been invited to join the ESSFN Educational Committee. It has not been so easy in these pat four years, as you well know, to interact with mutual trust with my colleagues and friends in the development inside the EANS of a Functional Section. However any effort has been done in this purpose and some results have been reached:

  1. Cooperation in official ESSFN (6th Hands-on course on Epilepsy Surgery, Gent 2013; 7th Hands-on course, Marseille 2014; Hands-on course, Lausanne 2015) and EANS educational events (EANS Pan Arab training course 2015; topic (Head Injury)/Functional training course 2015).

  2. Cooperation in the Functional sessions of the 15th European Congress, EANS 2014, Prague.

  3. Cooperation in development of educational charter (epilepsy: Training charter in epilepsy surgery added competence, Acta Neurochir 2013; spasticity: Training charter in spasticity surgery added competence, submitted).

  4. Organization (together with Prof. Francesco Sala) of the EANS course: Intraoperative Neurophysiology for Neurosurgeons: The essentials (Verona, 2015).

Liaison with National Society: Strict cooperation has been developed inside with the Italian Society of Neurosurgery in the activity of the local Section of Functional Neurosurgery, planning the specific programs on the occasions of the national congresses as well as dedicated courses and events:

  1. Hands-on basic courses (Milano 2014; Milano 2015)

  2. Neuromodulation meetings (Rome 2013; Rome 2014; Rome 2015)

  3. Neuroradiosurgery (Verona 2014).

Summing up, I am convinced that the section has now finally started inside the EANS and has created the basis to continue its path and to become an interesting reality in our neurosurgery community.

Massimo Scerrati