Section of Neuro-oncology

Current chair of the Section is Colin Watts (UK).

Members of the Section Board:

Florian Ringel
Christian Senft
Rachel Grossman
Michael Bruneau
Francesco Signorelli
Philippe Schucht



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Report on the activites of the EANS Neuro-oncology Section, 14 October 2015


RE: Tumor Section Activity 2011-2015

The Tumor Section activity during the last term has included the following: 

1. Scientific and Research activity

a. Multisite European research projects (TheraGlio, TTF, Transcan, Molecular studies of meningiomas, StemGen)

b. EU Grant submissions

i. TheraGlio (Funded at 6.2M Euro)

ii. Transcan (Under review)

iii. Molecular and immune mechanisms of TTFields (Funded)

2. Education

a. Planning and participation in EANS Training Courses

b. Representation of TS members in WFNS training courses

c. Responsibility for neuro-oncology content of EANS meetings

d. Participation in out of the EU training courses (Pan-Arab, Kazakhstan)

3. Industry

a. Advisory boards and steering committees of industry-sponsered studies and consultancy to bioindustry

i. NovoCure

ii. MagForce

iii. StemGen

iv. TocaGen

v. BrainLAB

4. Liaison with other societies (Emphasis on CNS/AANS Section on Tumors and participation in these societies board, updates in Neuro-oncology group US/Europe).

5. Focused Meetings

a. The EANS 2013 conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, totally dedicated to Neuro-Oncology



Prof. Zvi Ram
Chairman, EANS Tumor Section



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