The section of Pediatric Neurosurgery was proposed at the 2016 Council meeting in Athens with a comissorium to initiate preparatory work to define the section. The section was officially inaugurated during the 2017 congress in Venice. Marianne Juhler, Francesco Sala and André Grotenhuis (former EANS president) formed the working group to get the section established and to create a liaison with the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ESPN)


Present chair: Marianne Juhler

Committee Members:
Martina Messing-Juenger
Francesco Sala 

All EANS members with interest in pediatric neurosurgery are encouraged to consider membership of the Pediatric section.


Mission statement:

To ensure the highest educational and academic standards for pediatric topics taught at the training courses and lectured at future EANS conferences. A close liaison with ESPN is of extreme importance in achieving this mission.


The initiating group has agreed on the following mission statement/commisorium for the Pediatric Section.

i. to ensure that a basic pediatric neurosurgery curriculum is taught correctly and updated at the training courses

ii. to ensure that pediatric neurosurgeons are represented in the TC

iii. to ensure that there are relevant and current pediatric sections and topics at the EANS annual meetings with chairmen and speakers recognized within pediatric neurosurgery

iv. to create a mutual liason with ESPN


Although points i-iii are already operational, the initiating group finds that a good collateral relationship with the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ESPN) is necessary for future development.

The initiating group has held meeting with offoceres af the ESPN clarifying that the EANS Pediatric Neurosurgery Section is based on mutuality without competing with ESPN profile or activities.


Current strategy and tasks for 2017-18

  • to consolidate the liaison with ESPN into a mutual working partnership
  • to make the partnership work through mutual tasks and strategies:
  • to define the topics for and to organize the pediatric sessions at the 2018 EANS meeting  jointly by EANS pediatric section and ESPN
  • to describe and annually update the curriculum in pediatric neurosurgery topics to be taught at the EANS training courses - with the focus and aim addressed to the general neurosurgeon
  • to ensure that the topics in pediatric neurosurgery are taught by neurosurgeons with a documented proficiency and expertise in pediatric neurosurgery
  • to disseminate awareness of pediatric neurosurgery to the EANS neurosurgical community


2018 Report for the Section of Pediatric Neurosurgery

2017 Report for the Section of Pediatric Neurosurgery