Section of Neurotrauma and Critical Care

The Section Chair is Niklas Marklund (Sweden).

Members of the Section Board:

Antonio Belli, Birmingham
Andreas Unterberg, Heidelberg
Alfonso Lagares, Madrid
Andras Buki, Pecs
Parmenion P. Tsitsopoulos, Thessaloniki
Peter Hutchinson, Cambridge
Alexander Potapov, Burdenko, Moscow
Aurelia Peraud, Ulm
Wilco Peul, The Netherlands 


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 2018 Report for the Section of Trauma and Critical Care

 2017 Report for the Section of Trauma and Critical Care




Report on the activities of the Section of Neurotrauma and Critical Care 2011 - 2015

The section of Neurotrauma and Critical Care was inaugurated during this term.

Considerable interest was expressed from individual members to participate in this section. In discussion with EANS Executive Director, it was decided to invite the military neurosurgeons who had expressed interest in a separate section to join the section Nurotrauma and Critical Care.

Meeting of Section:
A meeting was organised during the EANS meeting in Prague and plans for the future format agreed upon.

The general aims of the Section are:

- Promote networking and interaction between neurotrauma experts within EANS
- Promote interactions and collaboration outside of EANS
- Assist in making suggestions for training course
- Provide advice on program for EANS
- Promote educational activities in the broadest sense, with a particular focus on young neurosurgeons

The proposed aims were all agreed upon and in particular the networking and promotion of education was considered most relevant. With regard to the EANS meetings it was suggest that the Section might organize a complete session for an entire half or even full day. Such organization would include peer review process and allocation of lectures. The participants supported this initiative.

The Section members further agreed to review an update for guidelines on Penetrating TBI which is currently being prepared by a working group in which the committee chair and committee vice-chair are active.

All Section officers have actively participated in training courses, teaching events and have given scientific presentations at many (inter-)national meetings.  

The activities of the Section are increasing and we anticipate that these will be substantially expanded over the next 2 years.