Section of Vascular Neurosurgery

Chair of the Section is Peter Vajkoczy (Germany). The Chair-elect is Andreas Raabe (Germany)

Members of the Section Board:

Alexandros Andreou (Greece) - UEMS Liaison
Andreas Gruber (Austria) - ESMINT Liaison
Mika Niemelä (Finland) - International Liaison (CNS / AANS) 
François Proust (France) - Education, Publication Activities
Andreas Raabe (Switzerland) - Trials
Luca Regli - Vice Chairman (Switzerland) - Education
Bart van der Zwan (Netherlands)  - Publication Activities


6th Annual Meeting of the EANS Section of Vascular Neurosurgery

Register your interest now! – the Annual Meeting is planned for September 2019. More details here


Vascular Section Newsletter


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The Vascular Section organises an Annual Meeting, which usually takes place in Nice, France. For more information please visit the meeting website



2018 Report for the EANS Vascular Section

2017 Report for the EANS Vascular Section

January 2017 – Update

Archive Vascular Section Reports (2011-2016)



Vascular Section Exchange Programmes

The Vascular Section has collaborated with its US counterparts in order to produce a list of US-European exchange programmes. Please click here to see which US centres are participating.