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Training Courses

How do I apply for the EANS training courses?

The EANS Training Courses are currently open only to residents from EANS member countries. The candidate needs to fill in an application form and send it to the relevant national delegate to the EANS Training Committee. Successful candidates receive an invitation to register for one of the forthcoming courses. Residents from outside of the EANS member countries unfortunately cannot apply at present, though they are very welcome to attend any of our other educational events.

To whom should I send my application form for the Training courses?

The application for the EANS Training Courses has to be sent to the relevant National delegate to the EANS Training Committee. The list of delegates can be found here.

How are places on the training courses allocated?

Places on the Training Courses are allocated once annually. The national delegates collate the applications throughout the year. After the deadline for submission of applications (usually the end of September or October), the national delegate evaluations and ranks applications in order of preference, and then submits the national ranking list to the EANS office. The number of places available to each country depends upon the number of places available on each course, the number of current trainees from each country, the number of new applications received from each country and the number of members of each national neurosurgical society. Once the number of places available to each country has been determined, these are allocated to the top candidates on the ranking list, and remaining candidates placed on a waiting list.

Note: The criteria for assessing the national ranking list are different in each country and EANS doesn’t influence these. For details about this procedure please contact your national delegate.

When will I find out if my application to the training courses was successful?

The results of allocations of new places for the following year are always announced by the end of November. (ie. allocations for 2015 TCs will be announced in Nov 2014).

Important: The results are announced by email only, so please make sure you update us on any change in your email address.


How often do the exams part I and part II take place?

The exam part I takes place twice a year, always a day prior to the start of the European Training Course in Neurosurgery at the same venue as the course.  An additional Part I examination in Sweden is sometimes arranged simultaneously; please contact the EANS office if this is of possible interest.

The exam part II takes place once a year, always in January or February in Prague, Czech Republic.

How can I apply for the exam part I?

You need to fill in the application form and send it by email along with the scanned copies of all required documents to The application form as well as list of required documents can be found here.

How can I apply for the exam part II?

The applications for the exam part II are online only. The application system enables candidates to submit the application along with the required documents and also to pay the examination fee online. The applications for the next Part II exam usually open in the second half of the year (ie. in August 2014 for the exam in 2015), the link and more information are available from the Exams page.

When do I get my exam certificate?

In order to help to save the environment, costs and time, the EANS provides all certificates by email in pdf form with electronic signatures only. We are very happy to provide authentication of the certificate to third parties upon request with agreement of the candidate.

Does passing the exam allow me to practise neurosurgery throughout Europe?

No, passing the European Examination does not provide successful candidates with any “licence” to practice.  Instead, it indicates that the candidate has achieved a standard of proficiency similar to that required to pass the US Board exam.

Individual Membership

How do I become a member?

It is very easy! Please go to our Individual Membership page and click on 'apply for membership', fill in the form and submit. You can either make the payment of the membership fees online immediately, or you will receive a pro-forma invoice with instructions for a bank transfer. Within a couple of days of receipt of your payment, you will be contacted by our membership secretary Lucinda and also receive your member card in due course. Please contact if you experience any difficulties.

If I join as a member in October, will I have to pay the fees again in January for next year?

No, our membership is 365 days, so your next renewal will be due on the same day every year.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Please go to, enter your username email address and click on the Send password button. Your new password will be sent to you by email within few minutes.

Note: You can change your password if you like when you log into the member area and go to Update personal details in the menu listing on the left side of the page.

How do I find my membership number?

Please go to and you can find it there If the system requires you to log in first, do so, and then select 'update your personal details' from the menu on the left-hand side.

I can't access the EANS Academy

To access the EANS Academy you need to log in to the members area of the EANS website first and then click on EANS Academy on the top menu bar. The member login works as a referral between the sites, but it is not possible to log in with your IM details directly on the Academy site.

I can't access Acta online

To access Acta on-line you need to log in to the members area of the EANS website first and then click on On-line access to Acta in the menu listing on the left side. The member login works as a referral between the sites, but it is not possible to log in with your IM details directly on the Springer site.

How do I renew my membership?

When your renewal is due, you will receive an automated pro-forma invoice sent out of our database by email. You can either use the bank details stated on the invoice for payment by bank transfer, or log in as usually to the member area of our website, click on Renew membership and follow through the renewal site to the credit card payment via PayPal.

Note: If you pay by card, your account will be re-activated immediately, If you pay by bank transfer, it will be done as soon as the payment reaches our account.


Is your membership distribution list available for purchase?

No, to protect the privacy of our members, we never provide or sell the mailing list to third parties. However, we offer the possibility of sending promotional mailshots to our mailing lists for a fixed fee (the company provides the text/format and the EANS office arranges to send this via a mailshot to our distribution list). We reserve the right to decide whether messages are relevant and useful to our members and to edit/reject material. For more information please contact Amy Pinchbeck-Smith.

How can I advertise a course / event with the EANS?

We are happy to add any neurosurgical or related-topic event in the events calendar on our website.  If you would like to have your event listed, please contact Amy Pinchbeck-Smith. You can also discuss with her the additional methods of promotion we can offer, such as inclusion of your event to our regular forthcoming events mailings etc.

How do we apply for EANS endorsement/auspices for our event?

In case you would like to have your event endorsed by EANS, please check that your event meets the following criteria:

  • the organizers must submit the programme for review and approval
  • the official language of the event must be English
  • at least 25% of the faculty must be EANS Individual Members
  • the organizers of the event must be prepared to offer reduced registration fee for EANS Individual Members (at least 10%) and distribute EANS promotional materials
  • a one page report will be required after the event

Full list of criteria can be found here. If your event meets the listed criteria, please send an official request for endorsement along with the event programme to Petra at

The decision will be announced within 2 weeks of submission the request and programme. The events that receive the endorsement will have the right to use the EANS logo and the sentence “The scientific and educational content of this event has been endorsed by the EANS” on the event website, programme and promotional materials.

We are interested to host the EANS Annual Meeting/European Congress of Neurosurgery. How can we apply?

The decision as to destinations for our future congresses and annual meetings will be made by a democratic decision of our Open Executive Committee. The responses to the Call for bids must come from the national neurosurgical society, so in order to be considered, you need to get in touch with them in the first instance.


Still have a question for us? Please visit the contact page for details on how to get in touch.