June 2017: Get to Know ... Preci Hamilton Interview

April 2017: Get to Know ... Domenico d'Avella, EANS2017 Congress President. Interview

February 2017: Get to Know ... Mehmet Zileli, eminent Turkish neurosurgeon and spine surgeon. Interview

January 2017: Get to Know ... Ian Stuart, Founder Member and Co-ordinator of Cavernoma Alliance, UK. Interview

December 2016: Get to Know ... David Adelson, director of Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Interview

November 2016: Get to Know ... Lukas Rasulic, President of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society (SNS), and Vice President and fouding member of the Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society (SeENS). Interview

October 2016: Get to Know ... André Grotenhuis, President of the EANS. Interview

September 2016: Get to Know ... Jesús Lafuente, president-elect of the EANS. Interview


August 2016: Get to Know ... Katrin Rabiei, Winner of the Aesculap EANS Research Prize 2016 (Best Clinical Paper) Interview


August 2016: Get to Know ... Ben Shofty, Winner of the Aesculap EANS Research Prize 2016 (Best Laboratory Paper) Interview


June 2016: Anna Bohrer on her Codman Observership in Marseille, France. Interview


June 2016: Get to Know ... Susie Hide, Executive Director of the EANS. Interview


May 2016: Get to Know... Peter Hutchinson, Secretary of the EANS, NIHR Research Professor at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. Interview

April 2016: Interview with EANS TC Alumna, Nikolina Sesar – who recently became the first woman neurosurgery in Croatia. Interview


April 2016: Get to Know ... Panagiotis Selviaridis, President of our upcoming EANS2016 Congress, to be held in Athens, Greece, 4 - 8 September 2016 – Interview

Interview with Professor Nejat Akalan, former Chairman of the EANS Training Committee, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey. The interview was conducted by Dr Stefan Rüeckriegel, 6th year resident at the Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Wuerzburg, Germany, during the February 2016 EANS Tumor Training Course in Sofia, Bulgaria – Interview 


March 2016: Get to Know ... Carlo Schaller, Chair of the EANS Training Committee – Interview

Interview with Emilia Gaál-Paavola of Helsinki Department of Neurosurgery, about her EANS Codman-funded Observership to the University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland – Interview 


André Grotenhuis, current president of the EANS, and Niklas Marklund, interviewed by Mehran Boroumand, Kirsten van Barsen and Frank Patrick Schwarm – Interview 


Antonio Di Ieva
Winner of the EANS Aesculap Prize 2010 for the Best Laboratory Entry
Interview - May 2012 

Johannes Schramm
Immediate past president of the EANS
Interview - April 2012


Oliver Schnell
Winner of the Aesculap EANS Research Prize 2009
Interview - 24th August 2011


Vladimir Benes
Chairman of the EANS Training Committee and President Elect
Interview - 19th December 2010


Ken Lindsay
Past president of EANS and current chairman of the JRAAC
Interview - 2nd September 2010